Can Nail Services Be Causing Dermatitis? 

Changing trends in nail services, which include going from traditional nail polish to semi-permanent nail polish, which include gels, dips, and shellac, help to prevent chipping and scratches, allowing for longer wear.  However, all of these nail treatments  contain acrylates, which are a common cause of allergic contact dermatitis (acrylate dermatitis).

Acrylate dermatitis related to nail services can affect both the client and the technician and present itself on the hands, fingers, wrists, face and neck. Avoidance of these products, which contain acrylates, is the key treatment.  And, there are less permanent, acrylate-free nail polishes that can be used as alternatives. 

Acrylates can also be found in other sources including contact and intraocular lenses, eyelash extensions, and hair extensions.

As acrylate allergy has become increasingly common, patients who are tested and found to have acrylate sensititvity or allergy should disclose this information to their medical and cosmetic providers.